Janus et ciet

Distinctive Accents

Flavors of the Mediterranean

The Artisan Collection

Lyric Vases, Shantung Vase, Honeycomb Vase, Zephyr Vase and Bottle, Harmony Vases, Batiste Vase and Georgette Bowl & Vase

The Britannia Collection

Impressed Bottles & Vases in bone china, Accordion Vases in bone china and porcelain, and Reverent Hurricanes in porcelain

It's All in the Details

The Britannia Collection's Impressed Vase, Reverent Vase, Urchin Votive, Amazed Bowl, Reverent Hurricane and Accordion Vase; The Syros Pitcher

A Touch of Santorini

Syros Vases and Paros Pitcher in bone china with blue accents; Britannia Reverent Vase, Observant Bowl, Urchin and Accordion Votives, Impressed Bottles and Vase, Accordion Vase and Amazed Bowl in bone china.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Britannia Collection: Amazed Bowl, Urchin Votives, Reverent Hurricane and Impressed Vases in porcelain

The Clouds of Mt. Olympus

Britannia Collection: Reverent Bowl, Reverent Vase, Observant Bowl and Accordion Votives in porcelain

Shimmery, Shiny Showstoppers

Caribou, Durian Bowl, Filo Bowl, Shelburne Lanterns

Britannia Reverent Bowl, Artisan Lyric Vase and Britannia Observant Bowl